Self-Service (formerly WebAdvisor)

WebAdvisor is transitioning to Self-Service beginning September 1, 2022. Use Self-Service support for User ID Lookup and Password Reset.

Password Reset

For security reasons, your password must be sent to an e-mail address that is already on file. If you don't have an e-mail address on file, you will not be able to use this form.

Contact the Registrar's Office at (830) 591-7255 or to add an alternate email. Also, note that this form only allows you to get a password if you have already been given access to Self-Service.

If you do not know your old password, please call the IT Department Help Desk at (830) 591-7323 for assistance. The Change My Password link above is for users that know their old password and want to create a new password.

Use the User ID Lookup to acquire your ID for accessing Self-Service

Your initial password consists of the first initial of your first name in upper case, the first initial of your last name in lower case, a hyphen, and your six-digit date of birth.

Example: John Doe Date of Birth January 1, 1979
Example Password: Jd-010179