Campus Safety

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Line: (830) 279-1861

Location: Uvalde Hubbard Hall Dormitory Lobby (Building B)

Uvalde Campus Police Office: (830) 591-7333

Del Rio Campus Police: (830) 900-4125

Eagle Pass Campus Police: (830) 758-4199

SWTJC Police Department

The Southwest Texas Junior College Police Department would like to welcome you to the campus. While you are on the campus, we want you to have an enjoyable and safe time. We are available to assist you in any way that we can.

We consider the college as our community and consider the students, faculty, staff, and guests as members of the community. We are the police department for the college community in much the same way as a city police department is for a particular city. Southwest Texas Junior College is not within the city limits of Uvalde or within the jurisdiction of its police department. We have our own independent, fully staffed, full-service police department with four (4) full-time officers on our Uvalde Campus, one (1) officer on the Del Rio campus, and one (1) officer on the Eagle Pass campus; all are experienced officers. Our officers are fully certified and licensed Texas Peace Officers. Southwest Texas Junior College contracts with RAM Security to provide Level 3 Armed Security Officers on our Del Rio and Eagle Pass campuses in the evening hours and on weekends.

You are here because you have decided to continue your education and enjoy the benefits that a higher education can have on your life. The mission of the Southwest Texas Junior College Police Department is to help promote and protect an atmosphere that assists persons in achieving their educational goals. Our campus community does have its share of accidents, criminal activity, and injuries. Compared to other jurisdictions, however, our crime rate is extremely low. Our goal is to lower it even more. To accomplish this we need everyone’s help. If you witness a crime, see something suspicious, or know of someone that may need assistance on campus, please become involved and contact our department.

The SWTJC Police Department office is located in Hubbard Hall (Building B). Office hours are generally 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our phone number is (830) 591-7333. Alternate numbers are (830) 278-4401 (Switchboard); (830) 278-9147 (Uvalde dispatch); or 911 (countywide emergency). SWTJC Police cellular phone number is (830) 279-1861.

SWTJC Police respond to all incidents on the Uvalde campus of SWTJC. We gather information on, and investigate all crimes and offenses on campus. We report to the college administration. We file criminal cases through the Justice of the Peace Courts, the Uvalde County Courts, and the State District Courts. Campus parking violations are handled on campus through the Business Office and the Vice President of Finance.

You are welcome to come by our office. We encourage you to take an active role in helping us maintain a peaceful and enjoyable campus community where you can get a quality education.


Police Officers

J Calliham
Jimmy Calliham
Chief of Police
(830) 591-7333
R Moss
Robert A. Moss
Uvalde Campus Police Officer
(830) 591-7333
J Martinez
Jerry Martinez
Uvalde Campus Police Officer
(830) 591-7333
D Hernandez
David Hernandez
Uvalde Campus Police Officer
(830) 591-7333
R De La Garza
Ruben De La Garza
Del Rio Campus Police Officer
(830) 900-4125
L Mauricio
Luis A. Mauricio
Eagle Pass Campus Police Officer
(830) 758-4199

Campus Safety & Security Reports

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Biennial Report