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2401 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, TX 78801

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Phone: (830) 278-4401

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Student Life Activities

David Franco 
Student Engagement Specialist
(830) 591-7284

Spring 2019 Student Activities Event Calendar
Date Event Location and Time
1/29/2019 Get to Know You Jenga Student Activities Lounge | 11:30 am
2/5/2019 Black History Month Kahoot & Snacks Student Activities Lounge | 11:30 am
2/14/2019 Pledge to Stick with Love Student Activities Lounge | 11:30 am
2/19/2019 Black Panther Viewing Student Activities Lounge | 11:00 am
2/21/2019 Shoot Pool with the President Student Activities Lounge | 11:30 am
2/26/2019 Black History Month - Soul Food Potlock To Be Determined | 11:00 am
2/28/2019 Transfer and Career Awareness To Be Determined | 11:00 am
3/4/2019 Build Your Own Safety Kit MSC Ballroom / Courtyard | 11:00 am
3/5/2019 Blood Drive Bluebonnet Room | 10:00 am
3/6/2019 Self Defense Course La Forge Hall Gymnasium Racquetball Room | Time To Be Determined
3/7/2019 Grilling with the President Fountain Courtyard | 10:00 am
3/11/2019 - 3/15/2019 Spring Break
3/26/2019 Paddle Battle (Ping-Pong Tournament) Student Activities Lounge | 11:00 am
4/4/2019 Job and Internship Fair To Be Determined | 11:00 am
4/11/2019 Take a Break - Big Board Game Day Student Activities Lounge | 11:30 am
4/16/2019 Palm's Fest To Be Determined | 6:00 pm
4/25/2019 De-stress Before Finals Yoga To Be Determined | 11:30 am

Campus Maps

Uvalde Campus Building Identification

Building ID/Building Name add
Uvalde Campus Building Identification
ID Character Building Name
A Rodolfo R. and Dolores Flores Student Services Building
B Hubbard Hall
C Will C. Miller Memorial Library Building
D Joe Richarz Memorial Administration Building
E Wayne and Evalyn Matthews Student Center
F Garner Hall
G Wildlife Management
H Witt Building
I Wagner Building
J R.K. Miller Technical Building
K Maintenance Building
L Transportation Building
M Essie Pearl Richarz Building
N Garner Science Building
O W.C. Anderson Building
P Kincaid Building
Q P.E. Memorial Building/Pool 
R La Forge Hall/Gymnasium
S Sterling H. Fly, Sr. Memorial Building
T Tate Building
U Espinosa Building
V Welding/Auto Body
W Warehouse
X Briscoe - Sul Ross University
Y Powers & Kirchner Child Development Center
Z Daycare Small Building
AA Lineman's Building