A variety of classes are offered to enhance computer skills while helping keep participants up-to-date in the world's fast-paced technology-focused workplace. Classes focus primarily on hands-on, competency-based instruction, giving participants the necessary knowledge and skills to operate computers.

Workforce Training & Development Course Descriptions

ITSC 1006 - Introduction to Computer Operating Systems A study of microprocessor architecture, file creation/deletion, data entry and manipulation, automatic file execution, configuration, and directory commands.  Students will be able to create, copy, and delete files using operating systems; enter and edit data; navigate files and folders, and execute programs.

POFI 1042 - Word Processing Applications I (Microsoft Word) Word processing production techniques. Includes search and replace functions, headers and footers, spelling checker, mail merge, file functions, and printer setup.  Merge documents, and insert and edit graphics.

ITSW 1022 - Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) Instruction in terminology, program parameters, display characteristics, formatting features, mathematical functions, and printing.  Students will demonstrate basic spreadsheet concepts; and create formulas/functions, charts, and graphs; and generate reports.

ITSW 1041 - Intermediate Presentation Graphics Software (Microsoft PowerPoint) Create and modify multimedia presentations complete with slides, charts, and special effects.  Students will be able to create and modify presentations by using visual and audio effects and integrate other software applications into a presentation.

ITNW 1007 - Basic Internet Introduction to the Internet including E-mail, home page and how to perform basic research to address company/business needs.  Students will be able to identify basic Internet concepts and terminology; use electronic communication, and collect and evaluate research data using the Internet.

ACNT 1011 - Introduction to Computerized Accounting (48-hour course) Introduction to utilizing the computer in maintaining accounting records with primary emphasis on a general ledger package. Utilize an application software to perform accounting tasks; maintain records; prepare reports; analyze reports for a business entity; complete a comprehensive project, and explain the components of general ledger software.

ITSW 1002 - Electronic Scheduler/E-mail Organizer (Microsoft Outlook) An introduction to the utilization of scheduling and organizing software packages and/or devices. Students will be able to create documents using scheduler software; utilize electronic mail; track events with a calendar; use task list; manage address books and contacts; maintain a journal, and integrate with other suite applications.

IMED 1002 - Website Creation I - Web Design Web site creation with graphic elements. Includes use of Web authoring software and study of websites and browsers. Students will identify how the Internet functions with specific attention to the World Wide Web and file transfer; and design, create, test, and maintain websites. Computer instruction can also be customized to meet the needs of employers and industry. Contact our office for more information.