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Program Description

Training in this 14-week course will include ten (10) weeks of linemen-specific classroom and field work and four (4) weeks of truck driver training in preparation for a Class A CDL.  Classes will meet Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will receive a Southwest Texas Junior College Certificate in Lineman Training, take the Texas Department of Transportation written and driving tests for a class A CDL, acquire First Aid/CPR certification, be OSHA 10 and Forklift Operator certified, and be qualified for entry-level employment as a lineman's apprentice.

Student Testimonials

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Hold a valid Texas Driver's License
  • Have a Clear Motor Vehicle Record
  • Pass a DOT Physical/Drug Test
  • Agree to a Criminal History Check
  • Provide Proof of Health Insurance or Purchase Student Insurance (optional)

Workforce Training & Development Course Descriptions

Students will learn the basics of the entire electrical system from generation through transmission, distribution, and the meter; learn how transformers work, how they are manufactured, how they are connected and banked, how to read voltages, how to troubleshoot; obtain knowledge in applications of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) electricity; learn theory and application of pole climbing; learn safety practices and procedures; review proper use and maintenance of insulating protective equipment; learn how to tie knots, splice rope, install blocks and lines on power lines for hoisting purposes.

ELPT 1021  Introduction to Electrical Safety and Tools - Safety rules and regulations. Includes the selection, inspection, use, and maintenance of common tools for electricians.  Students will explain electrical hazards and how to avoid them in the workplace; discuss safety issues concerning lockout/tagout procedures; and demonstrate safe work habits using common hand and power tools for electricians.

ELPT 1011 Basic Electrical Theory - Basic theory and practice of electrical circuits. Includes calculations as applied to alternating and direct current.  Students will explain atomic structure and basic values such as voltage, current, resistance, and power; determine electrical values for combination circuits in direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance; summarize the principles of magnetism; calculate voltage drop based on conductor length, type of material, and size; and utilize electrical measuring instruments.

ELPT 2023 Transformers - Transformer types, construction, connections, protection, grounding, and associated safety procedures. Students will describe how transformers operate and the operating characteristics of various types; compute transformer sizes for various applications; summarize National Electric Code (NEC) regulations governing the installation of transformers; explain the types and purposes of grounding transformers; and demonstrate proper safety procedures.

LNWK 1011 Climbing Skills - Theory and application of pole climbing. Includes safety, climbing techniques, tool inspection, poles inspection, personal protective equipment, and fall protection. Students will recognize hazards on and around poles; practice required safety; and inspect and use personal protective equipment and climbing equipment. Inspect and test wood poles; demonstrate proper climbing techniques; and perform effective climbing skills without the aid of fall arrest.

LNWK 2024 Troubleshooting Distribution Systems - Study of power outages and voltage complaints on distribution systems. Includes lockout-tagout procedures, safety grounds, backfeed, induced voltage, causes of outages, and analyzing voltage complaints. Students will describe causes of power outages; describe lockout-tagout procedures; and describe step and touch potentials. Students will describe backfeed and induced voltages; analyze voltage problems; and calculate service size from customer load. They will be able to explain and apply causes of power outages; explain and apply grounding procedures; and discuss and apply all relevant safety rules and procedures.

LNWK 1001 Orientation and Line Skill Fundamentals - Examination of utility company operations. Topics include company structure, safety and distribution standards handbook, lineman's tools, vocabulary, and work procedures. Discussion of basic electrical systems including the history of power generation and distribution with emphasis on generating plants and substations.

EMSP 1020 - CPR Adult - Designed for individuals other than healthcare providers or professional rescuers. Instruction in basic life support skills for adult patients experiencing airway obstruction and cardiovascular emergencies. Students will describe the principles of basic life support used to manage the adult patient experiencing airway obstruction or cardiac arrest; and demonstrate the emergency skills used in airway obstruction and cardiac arrest.

Truck Driving for Powerline Technician Program

This course covers the content necessary for mastering the skills for the entry-level tractor-trailer driver. The course also covers general truck driving with hands-on skill development and preparation for mastery of the Commercial Drivers License written and driving examinations. The curriculum focuses on the skills, knowledge and duties of professional Truck Drivers. Objectives include:

  • Fundamentals of Tractor-trailer operations
  • Tractor-trailer rules and regulations as mandated by State and Federal laws
  • Tractor-trailer safety
  • Logbook and record-keeping
  • Day and night driving
  • General employability skills

CVOP 1013 - Professional Truck Driver I - Overview of the State of Texas Class A Commercial Drivers License written test. Includes preparation for mastery of the Commercial Drivers License written examination, general truck driving skills with hands-on component, and instruction coordinated with the Department of Transportation. Students will demonstrate the safe operation and compliance with the law in various maneuvers of a commercial vehicle in different traffic situations; operate a tractor-trailer combination; and maneuver the vehicle safely frontward and backward around various obstacles.

CVOP 1040 - Professional Truck Driver II - A continuation of Professional Truck Driver I. General truck driving with hands-on skill development and instruction coordinated with the Department of Transportation.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Rodolfo Ballesteros, Instructor, at (866) 775-8545 (toll-free) or the Workforce Training and Development Office at (830) 758-4124.
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